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There's a lot to cover tonight, so please read everything and ask questions if you have any.

We're moving to Dreamwidth!
Due to a majority in favor or not minding to move, Trans 9 is joining the (currently) list of seventeen games that are confirmed to be moving to Dreamwidth.

Please note that this decision was not an easy one; we know a few of you have had reservations about moving the game, but Dreamwidth has been extremely welcoming and the fast response times have impressed us greatly. Moreover, with the import tool, we will be able to backup all the communities. This article covers our feelings on why we wish to move, as well as many helpful links on the bottom to help make your migration to Dreamwidth much easier.

That being said, we will be doing the Poddrop here, January 1st, and the official move will not happen right away, but rather on January 31st, 2012. During the entire month of January, posts will still be on this community and you will be able to backdate as long as needed - keep tagging old threads well into 2012 summertime and it's quite fine, we'll import every two months or so to make sure its all backed up.

We will also have a section just for commenting on what your Dreamwidth usernames are, so we can get to work early on fixing up the Contact List. Please use this template:

For those of you who can't log here due to headaches and so on...
Thanks to the effort of a few players who are currently brainstorming, right after poddrop, players who wish to start logging on Dreamwidth will be allowed to participate in a plot where their characters will be stuck on a part of the ship and explore during the month until full migration. Due to the intelligent importing feature, the log will be placed in the right section post-importing. This allows those who wish to get a headstart on Dreamwidth to do so, while others may continue to log here before we move on the 31st.

Dropping invite caps
Because we are moving, we'll also be dropping the player only months, and going back to our original plan of a poddrop every 3 months, without any invite caps. Depending on how the next one is on Dreamwidth, we will adjust accordingly.

We realize we have been very slow the past months, and we wish to change all of this and become much more active and make this community move more as a whole; hopefully our commitment to the Dreamwidth move and our faster response time for plots and applications will prove to you that we are now, more than ever, committed to making Trans 9 the most awesome RP™.

One of our mods, Kaylin, will also be stepping down as a full moderator. Officially, she will be joining Saphie as a story and backup mod (should one of us have to leave for an emergency). We wish to thank her for all the help she's given over the years (Kaylin was always lightning fast on her application votes and mod discussions). Currently, there are no plans to replace her, as we believe if we can manage our resources properly, five mods should not only allow a faster speed, but better response times. Again, we will change this if necessary.

Naturally, we hope that you continue to critique us, if you feel that we're starting to be slow again, or if you have suggestions.

Helper Mods
Speaking of which! We only have one helper mod application so far and we'd like to get at least one or two more to aid us with NPCing during plots and keeping us in check. NPCing can become a monumental task during big mod-run plots and having players helping us will give us a huge hand.

You will also be given a more detailed explanation of the official plot to help with NPCing more efficiently. You are allowed, however, to refuse this part of you wish to keep the surprise while helping us. Two or three more helper mods would be all we need, and then we could really make those larger plots shine.

Council Poll
The vote appears to be a majority for five members. The councilors involved will discuss between themselves about this, and keep you informed on what is going to happen, and who will be staying.

Big Sister/Brother
Thank you for everyone who signed up! During the poddrop, there will be a special section where they will be able to post and IC meet up with a new character.

Unfortunately, there isn't that much for us to do, apart from a nudge in the right direction. Each department head is responsible for their department; if you feel like you can't do this job anymore, please post below or discuss your departments so we can all figure out the best solutions for each group. There was already talk about the magical and medical groups in the previous mod post, feel free to continue this here.

Rebuilding the City, Robot Debris & Teleportation Pads
There will be more information in the post System Shock message but basically, once the big battles are over, there will be a lot of the town to rebuild, and lots of robot pieces to help out for this task. Moreover, pieces of old, broken down buildings can be used to build up new ones. And the city is HUGE. There's barely been anything explored and now's as good a reason as any...

In fact, in the appropriate section below, please suggest places that could exist in the city that you'd like to have. Include a description and links, if possible. Here is what's on the wiki so far, as examples. It can come from any fandom (even real life stuff! We have the Vatican and Big Ben, for one), so let your imagination soar, and yes, headcanon is fine. Please keep in mind that most of the things will appear worn down and deserted for the most part.

Moreover, there will also be teleportation pads being built over the next few months to facilitate transportation from one area to the next. This will be done IC so if you have technically gifted people that could help, it would be awesome!

We'll be contacting everyone who offered to help very soon. Thank you!



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